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The Importance of Tool Storage Solutions

Without investing in any storage solutions for your tools, whether comprehensive tool storage cabinets or a simple tool storage box in your garage, warehouse or workshop area, you are doing your tools a huge disservice. Not keeping your tools in an environment which offers adequate protection may mean that your tools become damaged. Improper storage can cause your tools to be stood on if placed on the floor or having something heavy accidently placed on top of one of your tools could cause significant damage. You are also risking the organization of your tools. Quickly locating specific tools in a large garage or workshop if they do not have a designated storage space can be unnecessarily difficult, and can even result in the loss of your tools. Mobile toolboxes and tool storage boxes are essential for keeping tools organised and secure during transportation, whilst tool storage cabinets can be used as a fixed solution in your workshop.


We stock a wide range of lift, handling and access equipment; toolboxes, cases and belts; and furniture, storage and shelving for keeping tools secure, organised and in good working order. With thousands of products in stock, there is a solution to suit every possible need.


We stock brands renowned for providing the highest quality tool storage solutions, including Bott, Stanley, Roebuck, Raaco, GT Line, and many others.


We stock a selection of draw packs; tool storage cabinets with different sized drawers to hold everything from small packs of nails, to hammers and screwdrivers. We also stock heavy duty floor tool storage cabinets able to store saws, sanders and other heavier items, which benefit from adjustable shelves and wheel mounts for the convenience of our customers. Our collection of toolboxes and tool storage boxes features storage in a range of different sizes, and with compartments designed for storing particular tools and equipment. Organiser tool storage boxes can be purchased to suit a range of different budgets as well.