Q-Safe Personal Protective Equipment

Industrial Safety Solutions

Looking to reduce your overall purchasing costs without compromising on safety? Then the Q-Safe range of PPE products delivers a proven and cost-effective solution.

Available exclusively from Buck & Hickman, the Q-Safe range comprises over 210 'head-to-toe' PPE products, each one complying fully with all relevant and current European legislative requirements. The result is a range that ensures maximum protection whilst offering true value for money. Designed and manufactured to the very highest standards, key features of the Q-Safe range include:

  • Disposable gloves, ear defenders, respirators and single use clothing
  • Practical, safe and affordable products that comply with all current legislative requirements
  • Suitability for industrial vending

Q-Safe is the smart, safe, fully compliant way to save money quickly.

Q-Safe delivers cost savings, plus guaranteed, quality-controlled protection for every user, and in all applications. What’s more, Q-Safe is fully compatible with Buck & Hickman’s Invend™, giving you even greater control over your use of PPE consumables ensuring the right product and protection is available in the right place at the right time.

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 Q-Safe - exclusively available from Buck & Hickman
Q-Safe head to toe protection
Q-Safe - Practical, safe and affordable