CARVER RACK CLAMP T186-150 (W016000)

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2016 - page 152

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Features & benefits

Versatile clamps commonly used for metal fabrication, welding, moulding box and die holding, pattern making, plastic and fibreglass moulding and plate fabrication
Sliding jaw quickly locates on notched bar and is adjusted, by the short, fine pitched, screw
Critical working parts are shielded from weld spatter
Moving jaws are listed enabling special multi-head clamping operations to be carried out
60mm, 2?in reach, bar size 30 x 12mm, 1-13/16 x ½in
Clamping force 1130kg, 2500lb

Product attributes

Capacity in 6
Capacity mm 150
Capacity, jaw max 150 mm
RoHS Compliant NA
Weight 1.4 kg