For cost-effective and convenient control over consumables

If you have multiple buying locations, and you’re looking to drive efficiencies and cost-savings through your procurement activities, Buck & Hickman’s Procure Manager holds the key.

Essentially, it’s our Webshop customised to display only the products you want your users to buy, with purchases approved by your authorised administrators.

Providing a cost-effective and convenient way to order your industrial consumables, it allows improved control over spend management through an order approval workflow. While multiple users can browse and order online, each requisition is sent to your assigned approvers - providing control & visibility over supplies. Once approved, all orders are automatically transferred to us for fulfilment and delivery. Furthermore, all items are priced according to your current terms, increasing transparency.

Key benefits include:

  • Simplification and a reduction in the costs linked to your purchase to pay process
  • Better visibility and control over your purchases
  • Enables your users to browse and order online against a defined purchasing workflow
  • Minimises errors and reduces administrative costs
  • Fast delivery – and fewer queries - around invoices

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